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Let’s Make Algebra Make Sense

Jovan MedfordLast Edited: 2021-03-11
Reading Time: 2 minutes

More often than not, we think of algebra as the time where math stopped making sense.

Well, no more.

We’ve made a free online course and an accompanying E-book, to help students bridge the gap into algebra glory. I like to think of this course as a welcoming gift, you can read more about our offerings here.

How Are We Going To Make Algebra Make Sense?

The problem with algebra begins just before the letters. Here’s a short post about why pre-algebra is important.

We tend to ignore those leading up topics, so by the time the letters come in – it’s already a wrap.

Below is a list of the topics that we will be covering.

Order of Operations

Remember those “impossible questions” on Facebook? The ones that look like:

$$6 + 2 \times 10 \div 3$$

These situations occur quite often in algebra – so we’ll be mastering those.

Directed Numbers

Here’s where we meet positive and negative numbers. Students tend to have a hard time understanding the concept behind negative numbers. We will go into great detail, looking at the meaning behind negative numbers and how to use them.

We’ll learn to deal with problems like this:

$$10 + (-3)$$


The building blocks of algebra.

Here we’ll show you how math operates as a language. In this section we are going to focus on showing you that letters aren’t so scary after all.

Solving Equations

To round out the experience, we’ve included a section at the end on solving equations.

Will ‘Make Algebra Make Sense’ Be Free Forever?


We have no intention of charging for the “Make Algebra Make Sense” course or E-book.

There’s no need for you to feel rushed taking the course, you can take all the time you need.

It’s also a great way for you to decide, if you want to take the next step and enroll in the CSEC Math online course.

Where Can I Sign Up?

You can head over to our course landing page, create an account and enroll for free.

Now all you have to do is spend some time making algebra make sense.