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Everything We Have In Store So Far

Jovan MedfordLast Edited: 2021-03-25
Reading Time: 3 minutes

You might be thinking, ‘You this website looks really nice, but what exactly am I looking at?’. Well let’s talk about all the things that Caribbean Scholar has to offer – so far.

If you haven’t quite heard as yet, Caribbean Scholar is an education company dedicated to developing a high quality online experience for West Indian students.

The way we intend to do this is by offering a wide range of free and premium content over the coming years. This content will serve as a trusted online knowledge base for students to access when preparing for their exams.

Furthermore, we hope that over time we will be able to inspire and excite a whole new mindset towards education across the region.

Free CXC Content and More

We intend to keep a healthy balance of free and paid content.

Make Algebra Make Sense Course & E-book

Our welcoming gift.

This course takes aim at the parts of math that lead into algebra. These topics are often undervalued and overlooked. But as you’ll find out during the course – these topics can lay a quality foundation to help you build your algebra future.

If you’d like, you can read more about the course.

Learning How To Learn Course & Guides

We want you to have the best chance of success with our courses.

In order to help with this, we will be giving away content aimed at helping students to refine their study habits.

That course is on the way but you can already access blog post versions of the content.

Here’s a complete guide to discovering your learning style.

Caribbean Scholar Blog

Our vision for the blog is that it will grow into something of a free online library for students to access – but this will take time.

We’ll continue to share blog post updates through Facebook and e-mail.

CSEC Math Online Course

The cost for the course is a monthly subscription of $75USD.

Great value. We are confident that the course will add significant value to our incoming students. Here’s how:

You Can Learn More in Less Time

Our course videos are concise and outfitted with engaging visuals. No long winded responses or side-stories. There are also some example videos included, more of which will be added as we continue to incorporate student feedback.

You Have 24/7 Access To The Material

The course material is fully at your disposal during the month of your subscription. Since it’s all in one place you have the opportunity to pace your learning to your liking.

On one hand, you can go over current or old material until you feel comfortable. On the other hand, you can go forward as much as you like since the entire program is there for you.

You Can Practice Extensively

Included in the accompanying textbook is a growing list of practice material. You’ll notice that as you take the course, new questions will be added to sections to keep students practicing.

Naturally, we’ll notify you when these changes occur.

You Have Access To Your Instructor

While we don’t have a tutoring service at the moment, you can still interact with me.

The options you have to reach me during your subscription are as follows:

  • Leave a question in the discussion box under a lesson
  • Post questions in the course community forum
  • Email me directly using this email address.

The Course Will Be Continuously Updated

Unlike most ‘set it and forget it’ courses, I’ll actively be involved in continuing to enrich the experience for our students.

In other words, as time goes on I’ll continue to add more specific examples and videos to give students the best chance of learning from home.

If you’d like you can learn more about the csec math course.

What’s Next For Caribbean Scholar?

Our first priority is incorporating feedback into the CSEC Math course.

On the other hand, a very close second priority is extending our course selection. Personally, I’d like to hear which CXC subject students are most excited to see in an online course. Furthermore, we’d like to branch out into non-CXC material as well and offer more skills based training.

Thirdly, we want to move into offering a tutoring service. We have had some questions about this so far and it’s something that we are seriously considering for the future.

Indeed, there are lots of ideas and possibilities floating around so stay tuned.

Happy studying!